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4 Unique Lighting Fixtures

Unique lighting fixtures are starting to replace standard builder's models even in new construction and are greatly sought after in home redecorating projects. Below are 4 lighting fixture options to consider, each offering something different in terms of functionality, lighting intensity, decorative style and energy efficiency.



Youl often see sconces used in pairs to frame a fireplace, a doorway or other focal point, or they may be used as a focal points themselves. Sconces have been around since before electricity (think candles) and come in a complete range of styles from Victorian to art deco, craftsman and contemporary. Today they are often set on dimmers to create atmosphere. 


LED light fixtures lead the way in terms of energy efficiency. They can be found lighting small applications such as under the counter, task lighting, night lights and desk lamps.

Track Lighting

Track lighting  has come a long way in the last several decades. Once used for  utilitarian and commercial applications (like spotlighting in a retail store) they were first brought into the home to bring an industrial look in a modern or loft interior setting. Today, however, tracking lighting comes in myriad styles and materials and can be a focal point in a kitchen when placed over a counter top. The idea is the same: a track is installed and the lighting modules can be moved along the track and directed to provide spot lighting.

Custom or Hand-Made Fixtures

Working with an artist to design your own light fixture is perhaps the best way to turn ordinary household lighting into a work of art. You can choose your own materials such as wrought iron, stained glass and steel and have a professional designer come up with a look that reflects your style while perfectly fitting the dimensions and lighting needs of your room.